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Multipurpose Stadium Brings Community Cohesiveness to High Point’s Core City

Published on by Melody Burnett

The “I Believe in High Point” project, led by Dr. Patrick Harman, Executive Director of the Hayden-Harman Foundation, is yet another living example of community cohesiveness in High Point. Harman and his team are reaching out to locals, asking them to submit their story and share why they love the city of High Point. The stories received will then be documented and published in a book for all to enjoy.

This initiative is poignant because it demonstrates the love of a city with so much potential for greatness. It exemplifies the continued passion for the revitalization efforts of High Point by supporting and volunteering on numerous projects that can move the city forward.

Currently, Harman is supporting a redevelopment project within the core city that will be a catalyst for transformation in High Point. This project will serve millennials, baby boomers, blacks, whites, Hispanics, low-income, affluent, children, students, Uptowne, Southside, Palladium, Washington Street, Southwest, and all areas in between. Every citizen of High Point and the surrounding area can experience the overwhelming support of High Point in a single gathering place that transcends the ages, and encompasses diversity. The answer to community cohesiveness is America’s greatest pastime, baseball!

Dr. Harman is volunteering his time on a taskforce that was created under the advisement of Mayor Bill Bencini to study the feasibility of a multipurpose stadium within the core city of High Point. The idea came to fruition at the Annual Meeting of the High Point Convention & Visitors Bureau (HPCVB) in May 2015. HPCVB along with The City Project of High Point formed this taskforce and has worked diligently on Phase 1 and currently Phase 2 of this project. The taskforce firmly believes in a multipurpose stadium that can support the programming of the Coastal Plain League Team, The Hi-Toms, as well as youth football, lacrosse, soccer, concerts, American Legion Tournaments, High Point Market Events, corporate outings, family gatherings, fundraisers, and much more! Although the taskforce believes that this project is the answer for community cohesiveness and development, they had to get a secondary recommendation from professionals that are qualified to put analysis and statistics behind the dream.  This group was fortunate to have a successful campaign to fund the study, starting with our leadership grant of the High Point Community Foundation this fall of $30,550.

Phase 1 of the study came back favorable for High Point to support this venture. The recommendation came from nationally accredited firms of Convention, Sports, Leisure International (CSL) and Odell Architects. The taskforce now has the confidence to engage in Phase 2, which will determine site selection, funding sources and costs, and engaging with national and local developers. The taskforce has presented this vision to other key stakeholders in the community that could play a significant role in its success. So far, there has been overwhelming support by the private sector to see this project through.  The public sector is actively discussing the project and brainstorming potential plans of support. Community leaders recognize that this project is more than just about fun and baseball, it is the spring board that High Point needs to start the revitalization effort in the core city. Feet on the streets leads to development which the core city so desperately needs.

The taskforce is grateful to the High Point Community Foundation’s support of this project. The multipurpose stadium will be for all to enjoy no matter where you live or your socioeconomic status. This project unifies the community, is a catalyst for redevelopment, creates a stronger sense of community, is a beautification venture, provides a gateway, bridges surrounding community but most of all, is a home run for High Point!

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  1. Ron Barker

    The benefits from this project brought about by those in our community willing to invest in this re-development will span for generations and change lives for High Point citizens. Along with the potential residuals from new retail business, possible uptown housing, High Point will be a bright star not only for our citizens but visitors considering moving to the greater triad. Thank you to those who are investing time and finance to make High Point the great city it is.

  2. Jim Mason

    Sounds like a great project to me!!

  3. Gary Biesecker MD

    Go HighPoint. A great idea that might even get football back at HPU. This is the catalyst for downtown High Point.

  4. Ron Baker

    Great idea for sure. Football is definitely the big sport to bring in the people and the money. I like your thinking!

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